an•tith•e•sis noun a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else.

There is no grand tale or vast epic about where we came from or how we started. Like most breweries and brewing projects out there, Antithesis was formed by home brewers that wanted to take the craft as far as they could take it.

There wasn't much of a plan in place when the concept of Antithesis was started except that we weren't going to produce a year round spread of the same staple beers like a lot of breweries do. With every new brewery opening up each week, they all have an IPA or Pale Ale or American Stout, and that is fair enough. We applaud all of those efforts, but we are choosing not to follow that standard.

Our focus is to produce creative, small batch specialty beers that are complex in flavor and allows the drinker to experience the beer from serving temp to room temp and everywhere in between. Our approach is to formulate recipes that aren't overproduced while giving a nod to the old ways of brewing and fermenting.

Beginning as an artisan gypsy and collaborative brewing project, every beer that Antithesis produces is focused on creativity and brewing techniques such as one-kettle brewing, barrel aging and barrel fermenting. Every beer counts.