Saison Fera von Gin - 4.9%
This 100% wild yeast fermented saison uses 2 malts and 1 hop variety, letting the wild cultures do most of the work to make this beer what it is. This saison was fermented and aged in barrel aged gin barrels for a couple months.


Dour - 10.5%
This bold Imperial Stout has layers of roasted malt, caramel, cocoa, and some coffee notes. To add a layer of spice, vanilla and oak, this imperial stout was aged in rye whiskey barrels for several months.


Saison Vieux - 6%
Our nod to the old world brewing and fermenting methods, this rustic French Saison was fermented in American White Oak Barrels and dry hopped with Citra. This beer has mild tartness, some citric fruit, a bit of spice and a smooth oak character.


Reprise - 11%
The original beer was brewed, aged on oak, packaged and then forgotten about for over a year. We then decided to unpack that orphan beer and put it into bourbon barrels with vanilla beans for several months to see what would happen. The end result was a wonderful mix of white chocolate, toasted grain, oak and vanilla. Reprise is our tribute to that original beer.


Embers - 11.8%
A great, hearty beer for the colder months. Sweet, roast and ending with a bit of spice and heat. This Imperial Stout was brewed with vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, cinnamon sticks and chili peppers.